COmpare our box to the competition



EZBox uses the best box in the business. The pitched roof keeps water from collecting anc causing leaks that can damage your good.

We also use high quality coated materials on the inside and outside of our box to insure you valuables are stored in the best possible condtions. Add in a Humirid system and you have added an additional layer of protection keeping your items humidity free while in storage.

the ezbox benefit

  • Pitched Roof
  • Humifity free with Humirid
  • Load at your location
  • Stored at our lot or your home
  • Lighted interior
  • Roll down door 


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Welcome to EZBox Tidewater where we treat every customer like family. Our boxes are the best in the industry so your valuable items stay safe and secure until you are ready for us to deliver them back to you.

"you and your company were "johnny on the spot" with delivery of one of your humidity controlled storage units"

Robert LeBoeuf
Deltaville Maritime Museum