Construction Site Solutions: How An EZBOX Tidewater storage unit Helps

Published on 10/13/2017

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Construction Site Solutions: How An EZBOX Tidewater storage unit Helps


How an EZBOX storage unit is the perfect accessory to help keep construction sites clean and organized.

In any new subdivision, the emergence of framed-in homes set against empty streets is a common sight. The dirt and lack of shelter can be challenging to deal with when it comes to the tool, equipment, and construction material storage, which is why storage experts recommend EZBOX storage units for homebuilders and construction crews. Read ahead to discover the benefits of working with a movable storage container at your next construction job.

Tool and Equipment Storage

Working out of a truck loaded up with tools can become a problem when working on construction sites for long periods of time. You may forget to bring the necessary equipment to the site on the day you need it, or maybe you need to travel with more than one passenger and lack the space to do so.

An EZBOX storage unit can be delivered to your site. All it takes is a quick phone call, and the mobile storage unit can be Will be delivered promptly to your site. Once it arrives, unpack your tools and equipment into the storage unit. Now everything you’ll need for the job will be located conveniently on-site in a secure, weather resistant container. Your valuables will be kept dry, safe, and completely secure, and it’ll save you time and room in your vehicle.

And another perk: If you’re moving from one site to another, simply call ahead and have the box transported to the new site. There’s no need to pack and unpack your tools and equipment ever again.

Construction Supply Storage

When building new homes, there are a lot of materials required. It can be a big undertaking trying to ensure supplies are delivered to the right place when they’re required. In order to stay efficient and minimize downtime, an EZBOX storage unit container is the perfect place to store incoming supplies. You can even order materials ahead of time and keep them stored safely away until they’re needed. Theft- and rodent-proof, these convenient storage containers can keep new supplies in perfect condition. Also with our patented humidity control units, there is no need to worry about mold and moisture buildup.

Makeshift Office

Another great benefit to using a portable container on site during new home construction is the versatility of it. Need a place to hunker down and get some paperwork done or a quiet place to make some phone calls? Turn your portable storage container into a temporary office. It may not have the best view, but it’ll keep you and your paperwork dry if the weather goes south, and provide a nice bit of shade for breaks during the heat of summer!

Looking for a storage unit that can accompany you to your next construction project? Contact the storage solution experts at EZBOX Tidewater storage for a quote and see for yourself why more and more homebuilders are taking advantage of portable storage units.