Ways To Use Portable Storage This Spring

Published on 2/20/2018

EZBox Tidewater portable storage units are often used when relocating to another city because they are so easy to use. You can pack your things at your own pace and when you are ready – it will be delivered to your new location. Simple and easy! But moving is not the only reason why you may need to use a portable storage unit. Check out these 4 ways you could use a EZBox Tidewater storage unit this spring. Remember, if you need a portable storage unit, stop by EZBox Tidewater to check out our current deals and offers.

4 Ways to Use Portable Storage

1. Selling your home
If you are trying to sell your home, you want to make sure the home is as clean as possible. You don't want the potential buyer to be distracted by clutter and other unnecessary items. A portable storage unit will allow you to keep your belongings nearby, but out of the way.

2. Remodeling your home
Home renovations can get messy. Tools, tarps, paint and other needed items take up a lot of space. Not to mention the risk of damaging furniture and other belongings if you leave them in the way. Use a portable storage unit to keep your things safe while you work on your home.

3. Major repairs
Sometimes, things happen that we cannot predict. Things like a fire or flooding can certainly throw a wrench in things. You can use a portable storage unit to store your undamaged belongings while your home is being repaired.

4. Get rid of clutter
Another great reason to use a storage unit is to increase the living space in your home. Most people have items taking up space that they do not use, but do not want to get rid of. Use a storage unit to store these items until you find another place for them.

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